The conceptualization of the PFHPL at Padartha Haridwar is the result of imitative shown by the SPV, constituted for the purpose, headed by Acharya Balkrishan Ji, International Authority in Ayurveda, and the Ministry of Food Processing Industry, Govt. of India. Under their Mega food park scheme, the MOFPI, Govt. of India, encourages the likeminded entrepreneurs to form a special group called Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) with the specific aim of developing basic infrastructure for an agglomeration of food industries enabling them to grow into a thriving agro- based industrial hub. The larger purpose is to provide a growth stimulus to the rural economy by creating a demand for their conventional and nonconventional produce as also to meet the growing demand for quality based products in the urban world. A successful backward and forward linkage makes the model an engine for uplifting the rural economy of the country out of the vortex of stagnation, where it finds itself today.

With the first of its kind in the country coming up at Padartha, Haridwar surrounded by an appropriate catchment area of an impoverished hilly economy of Uttarakhand, this initiative is a great challenge for the present and holds a great promise for the future.

The Mega Food Park(MFP) is an inclusive concept which is aimed at establishing direct linkages from the farm to processing and on to the consumer markets, through a network of collection centres and Primary Processing Centres(PPC). Efficient logistics facilities will connect the collection centres to the primary processing centres, which in turn will be connected to a central processing centre.

The Mega Food Park will have a Central Processing Centre (CPC) As the nuclei of all value addition activities facilitated by Primary Processing Centres, which will act as point of aggregation and primary handling to provide ready to use raw materials to be processed further in the units to be set up in the CPC. The PPCs will be fed by field Collection Centres (CC) which will be the first point of contact with growers.